Thursday, 17 December 2009

December E-Update


From all the news reports, we see that winter has arrived in many parts of the world and summer in others. I just finished reading a newspaper article online about how Alberta is breaking all their records for the coldest days ever. We are finally experiencing some cooler temps and are very thankful for them. We are halfway through the last month of the year and as we rush around to get all things done that we want to before Christmas, we also find ourselves looking back at the this calendar year. We are so thankful for all that God has done, how He has provided and protected us through hard times and blessed us with good times throughout the year.

As we look ahead to 2010, we are taking time to consult with our boss (God our Father) as to what our goals should be. One of our big goals is going to be to grow the clinic. We are working on ways to better market the ministry and the clinic, raise up more funds (one time gifts and monthly sponsors) and working along side God as He continues to work in Pedregal to save His children. We will keep you posted on our progress through our emails and newsletters. We are also trying to increase our presence on the internet. We can not afford to get a web page designed and operational but we are working to make the ministry’s Facebook page (House Upon the Rock Ministry) better and have also opened a Youtube account (houseuponrock). If you have any photos, videos or testimonies that you want to share, please go to the ministry’s pages on Facebook and Youtube and add your photos, videos or testimonies. If you have not joined our ministry’s Facebook page yet, please do!

Paul is adding another weekly bible study on Wednesday nights. There is a man (named Pano) in the village who owns the largest colmado (Dominican version of a local 7-11 but the main product for sale is alcohol), does not have a personal relationship wit God and he is very interested in studying more about God and the Bible. Paul will be starting the study with Pano and will see, as time goes on, if any others decide to start attending.

The other day, when Paul was in the village doing his visiting and evangelism, he was having coffee with a couple of the people at their home when another man came by and sat down to join the conversation and shared a coffee. This man is the local witch doctor. He moved into Pedregal about three years ago and has certainly had an influence on the spiritual life of the village. Many go to him to put curses on others, to solve their problems and to pray to him and his idols. He has idols set up in his backyard that you can go to and he will assist you with your sacrifices. He offers all this, at a price and even though the people have very little, they still pay the witch doctor. Needless to say, when the witch doctor joined Paul for coffee at this villager’s home, it was most interesting. They did not get into any heated debates or conversation but Paul said that it was most interesting and we must keep praying for him. Many do not believe in the battles that take place in the spiritual world but when you are faced with them, you can see how real they really are.

The spiritual battles that we all face today are not so different from the very ones that one man faced when he was found guilty of crimes he did not commit, was persecuted for his religious beliefs, then he was killed for breaking no man’s laws. This man is Jesus and now, we are blessed to be able to celebrate Jesus’ birth in the coming weeks. There are so many traditions that we all have at this time of year that help us celebrate Christmas. When we remember why we celebrate Christmas and keep Jesus in our hearts then that is the best tradition of all.

Thank you so much for all your prayers, support, love, letters, emails, phone calls and all the ways that you have all kept us in your hearts throughout 2009. As we come into 2010, we pray God’s richest blessings upon you, your family and all your works. May we all grow closer to God in the coming year and know the peace of God deep in our hearts every day.
Love Sharyn, Paul, Noah and Samantha

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