Saturday, 26 December 2009

Ending 2009


We are so honoured that we were able to celebrate Jesus' birthday yesterday with a lot of peace and joy.  God is so good to us.  He provides all our needs in every way that one can imagine.  Not just in our material needs like clothing, food, housing, etc but He also provides us with all the priceless things in life.  Things like family, people who love us, incredible children that He has entrusted to us, friends, peace and love in our hearts and the eternal salavation that is available to everyone.  Jesus died on that cross not only for me or your neighbour.  He died for you!!!  He died so that you can have peace, love, joy, eternal salvation...... all those priceless things in life that some think are just available for someone else.  God will take our burdens if only we ask Him to.  As this calendar year comes to an end, take a moment and think of the priceless things that you have in life.  Have accepted the greatest Christmas gift ever offered to you?   A gift has been given to you but you have to accept that gift in order to fully receive it.  Search your heart.  Do you have eternal peace in your heart? Eternal joy?  If not, then why not?  Reach out and accept this priceless gift being offered you.  The gift has already been bought.  Jesus paid the bill with His blood.  Accept His gift.  Search your heart.  Talk to God!!  Tell Him you are sorry for all the wrong you have done in life.  Tell Him that you want to accept His priceless gift.  Tell Him that you want that eternal peace, love and joy deep in heart.  Ask Him to enter your heart, enter your life, take your sins, take your burdens and fill you with His warmth.  Ask Him to guide you every day to grow closer to Him.  Now - tell someone you just accepted Jesus into your heart.  Get a Bible and start reading it.  The Book of John is a great place to start.  If you do not have one already, find a good Bible preaching church in your area and start attending.  Meet the pastor.  Tell him you just accepted Jesus.  Move forward and live your life for Jesus.   You will never regret it as you see yourself transform into a person that loves the Lord and you will have that true love, peace and joy deep down inside of you that is eternal.  It is for forever.

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