Sunday, 3 January 2010

Beginning 2010 with God in Charge

Welcome to God's 2010

As we start this new calendar year off, we want to begin by asking God to take control of every aspect of every day of this year.  May He be in control.  May His will be done.  May we walk along side our Heavenly Daddy as He ministers and not ask Him to walk along side.

The Christmas breaks is over and as we all head back to work, ministry, school, "normal life routine", we want to remember to keep God at the centre of everything.  Literally, everything!  Ministry is going to start up with a bang and our workload is already cut out for us.  We will be hosting our first mission team of the 2010 in less than two weeks.   Alot is needed to be done in order to prepare for this team but we know that God has some mighty plans ahead for us all.  This team is coming from North Carolina and Kentucky and will be doing construction on a widow's house.  We will follow this team with another team from Ontario in February and one from Victoria BC in March.  A team a month - perfect!!!  Lots will be get done in so many areas of ministry.

Paul will be continuing his Monday night bible study and it looks like another weekly bible study will be starting up.  Praise God!

Your prayers are appreciated as Paul is planning to go and to speak with the owner of a property that we really want to purchase for the clinic.  Rent has gone up again on the current building we have the clinic and the owner does not want to sell.  There is another property very close to the current clinic location but the price is a bit high.  We are praying for God's will to be done as Paul goes next week to speak to the owner to see if there is any reasonable deal that can be agreed upon to get this land for the clinic.

Please add your comments or drop us an email at anytime.  We would love to hear from you and how your January is going!
Happy New Year!!!

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