Sunday, 24 January 2010

Going to the border town "Jimani"

Thank you so much for all your prayers and help that you have sent forth on behalf of our Haitian brothers and sisters. With today’s technology, we have all seen the photos and heard media stories, both general and personal, on the destruction from January 12th massive earthquake that hit Haiti. We have heard the stories of miracles of people being pulled alive from the rubble 8, 9, 10 and even 11 days after the quake. Medically, this should not be possible yet with God, all things are possible. God says that with the littlest of faith, He can move mountains. Many people have prayed for Haiti over many years and now, God has moved its mountains. Not only did the mountains literally shake on January 12th and the days after with all the after shock but the people’s hearts have been moved, too. This is an even greater mountain, in my opinion. Us humans can be stubborn and our pride so often gets us into trouble and can prevent us from enjoying the riches of this world that God has gifted us. We get caught up in the things of this world and are blinded to see the riches. We are blinded from seeing the priceless things in life that God really wants us to enjoy like His love, His mercy, His freedom, His holiness. In the past 12 days, all over the world, in your country, in my country, everywhere, mankind is giving over their earthly riches to help the devastated population of Haiti. Right here, in the DR, I have seen people who in the past have come to me, begging for hand outs and they are now going into their homes and bringing out items or food to give to Haiti. These Dominican people are poor yet they are giving. It reminds me so much of the parable of the widow in the church who gave her one last coin. We are seeing this parable play out in real life and it is truly amazing to witness. My words can never do it justice.

If, two weeks ago, you had told anyone on this island that in a few days, Haitians would be lifting God’s name up in their streets and Dominicans would be praying for Haitians and giving what they have to help Haiti, no one would have every believed it. A spiritual miracle is taking place on this island and, I for one, am so excited to see what this entire island is like in one year time. It is changing forever. I am not talking about the physical destruction but about the spiritual renewal. Haiti has always been a country that has publically turned their back on God. What if President Prevel stepped forward and announced that they would now turn to God. How amazing would that be? That is what I am praying for! Do you want to join me in this prayer?

The devastation in Haiti has hit us very close to home as our children are Haitian. One morning, a couple days after the quake, Noah, Samantha and I were praying for Haiti when Noah prayed and asked God to protect his birth father and prayed that he was alive. Samantha spent the first week asking when the earthquake was going to come here and would we be okay? If this is what my children are thinking and praying, can you just imagine what all the children in Port au Prince are thinking and praying?

The reason for this email is to ask for prayer coverage. Tuesday night at midnight, we will be leaving our home to head down to Jimani, which is the border town that, from what we have heard, has turned into a place of MASH style hospitals and refugee camps. Jimani is on the Dominican side of the border but it is right there, at the Dominican/Haitian border. Port au Prince is just a short distance down the road (about a 90 minute drive). So many of the survivors have gone to this border. The surgeons at the hospitals are doing more amputations daily than they can count as so many patients already have severe gangrene so an amputation is necessary. Sometimes, the surgeons have to perform these amputations without anaesthetics because they do not have any. We will be going with our vehicle full of medical supplies, clothing, towels and some toys for the kids.

We are partnering with Brethren friends of ours, Bob and Anna Nilsen, who are the directors here with Score International. Bob has a small medical team that just arrived today that he is taking to Jimani for four days. We are going just for the day. The reason we are going is to see how we can work further with Bob as well as to assess the situation there in Jimani and see how we can help more.

Your prayers for our protection on the roads is needed. Driving at night is dangerous in this country and we have along way to go (apx. 500 km one way). We are meeting up with Bob in Santo Domingo at 2 am then proceeding to Jimani all together. We plan to be back home at about 8 pm Tuesday night. We are not taking Noah and Samantha – they will stay with good friends of ours for the day.  However, friends who are here for a mini mission trip, Dick (from NY) and Henry (from KY) will be going with us.  (Dick and Henry return home on Saturday.)

Please also pray that God will speak clearly to us as to exactly where and what HE wants us to do in regards to the Haiti Relief.

Many of you have been praying for the Haiti Childrens Home (HCH), the orphanage that our children were adopted from. The latest news that we heard is that they orphans are still in Haiti. Matthieu (who works for HCH and handles all the paperwork for the adoptions) went to the Embassy but nobody would even speak to him. Melinda had to leave Haiti to take her husband to the States (he is Haitian) but she is returning Tuesday and will then go to the Embassy with hopes to speak to someone to get permission to take the orphans out of Haiti. All prayers for HCH, Melinda, Matthieu and the orphans are really appreciated! They need to get these kids out and to Nebraska where they will be safe and no longer sleeping in make shift tents without enough amenities.

I will send out another update after our trip to Jimani. Please uphold us and our safety in your prayers.
Keep praying for all the Souls in Haiti. They all need Jesus. Praise God for the change in the Dominicans’ hearts and feelings towards Haitians. This island is changing and it is changing for GOD!

Love Sharyn & Paul

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