Saturday, 16 January 2010

How do you rebuilt with no Government?

We have recently heard that 60% of the Haitian government was killed in the quake and the President is currently a patient in a hospital in the DR along with other members of his government who survived. It will be really hard to rebuild a country with 40% of the government alive and not many left to choose from to replace the dead.

It is hard to learn all these things and not think of the spiritual world. Haiti, very publically, has turned their back on God so many times over the generations. You can not keep turning your back on God and not have consequences – even if you do not believe in God - it still will happen. Did you hear what Pat Robertson said on The 700 Club……… and did you hear that flack he got in the media, calling him swear word names? There are not too many chapters left in the Bible, not too many prophecies left to fulfill. Jesus is coming soon!!!!!!

Here is a little interesting info on recent earthquakes:
4.0      Oklahoma      15/1/2010
7.0      Haiti      12/1/2010
5.4      Mindano Philippines      8/1/2010
6.8      Solomon Islands       5/1/2010
6.8      E of Sandwich Is       5/1/2010
6.5      offshore CA       10/2/2010
5.9      Baja CA/Mexico       30/12/2009
5.7      Papua Indonesia      12/27/2009
6.4      Taiwan       19/12/2009
6.8      Tonga       24/11/2009
6.6      BC Canada       17/11/2009
7.3      Fiji      9/11/2009

Most interesting, eh? The Bible does say that Worldwide earthquakes will increase in the final days. More than food and water, are we preparing everyone that we come in contact with to survive for eternity? That is more important than bread today – we need to distribute the living bread and living water.

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