Friday, 29 January 2010

Orphans head to Canada Tomorrow!

Praise God - the six orphans from Haiti Childrens Home that are being adopted by Canadian parents has been approved and will fly to Ottawa on Saturday!  Please pray for these six children and their new families.  It is such a HUGE process for the adopted children but also the adopting family to go through, especially the first year after being adopted.  To add to this, these children have been traumatized by this major earthquake.  All families adopting a child out of Haiti right now needs everyone's prayers!  The orphanage is still awaiting approval from the US Embassy to take the remaining children (40 of them I beleive) to the US.  Pray that this approval will come through quickly!

Like so many on this island right now, we are on our knees praising God for the amazing changes we are seeing all around us.  We continue to hear about how the victims of the earthquake are lifting up God's name and praising Him in the streets all over Haiti.  We are seeing with our own eyes how Dominicans' hearts are changing and softening towards their Haitian brothers.  The church that is near our clinic has a group of ladies who are on day 8 of praying and fasting for Haiti and for the souls of Haiti.  They are praying not only for the physical needs of so many, for the hurts of so many who lost loved ones but mostly, that Haitians will see God's love and His light in their darkness and turn away from voodoo.  Three weeks ago, I could never imagine witnessing such a thing in this country!  

With the amazing changes in attitudes and how so many on this entire island are turning to God and away from other practices, such as voodoo, we are excited to see what the spiritual attitude of this island will be like on the one year anniversary of this terrible earthquake!  God is moving!  People are changing!  It is amazing and such an honour to be a part of all this.  Even Dominicans are turning to God during these days.  All the glory belongs to God!!!

We are currently working to make contact directly with Haiti Childrens Home inside of Haiti to arrange to bring them in a plane load of supplies and food.  Please pray that we can get through to them on the phone.  Paul has been trying all day long and has not been able to get through yet.  We have funds and looks like a way to get a plane load of supplies over to the orphanage but first - we need to talk with the orphanage to ensure that they can pick up the load at the airport and find out exactly what they need (not what we think that they need).

As Haiti is leaving Phase One of Disaster response (immeidately response) and entering Phase Two (establishing regular access to the people for daily water and food, shelter and even some work), everyone is changing gears.  We are praying about exactly where God wants us to focus our time, attention and resources to help those in Haiti.  We feel that we are to work more with our contacts outside of Port au Prince as it is taking longer for resources to reach them.  However, these places outside of the Port au Prince are growing in population as the victims from the earthquake continue to flee Port au Prince for other parts of the country. 

A specific prayer request is for one of my patients, Jeanete.  Jeanete is Haitian, 39 yrs old and has lived in the DR for a number of years.  Her parents passed away a number of years ago.  Jeanete recently found out that all of her family died in the earthquake,  Her siblings, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles..... all of her family.  Jeanete was so distraught yesterday and time was spent in prayer with her.  I know that there are many others that we have never heard of who are facing the same loss and grief in their families as a result of quake.  Please remember to pray for these people!

All your prayers, love and emails are so appreciated!  We will keep you posted on what we know, our personal experiences and how God is moving on this island!

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