Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Pedregal Clinic Needs Your Help!

                     PEDREGAL CLINIC TO THE POOR


The Pedregal Clinic opened its doors 23 February 2001 with the goal of providing high quality medical care to the poor people of the area at a very nominal consultation fee. Patients are provided with consults, medication as needed, free interpretation of test results, blood sugar checks and blood pressure checks. Pedregal Clinic has patients that come from as far away as one hour in all directions and we have over 10,000 patient files. Pedregal Clinic is operated under the ministry of House Upon the Rock Ministry (Casa Sobre la Roca in Spanish) which is a non-profit mission organization. The clinic is used as a tool to reach the local people in order to share the Gospel and the love of God with them. We pray with all our patients and often spend time spiritually counseling them.


The clinic provides medical services strictly to the poor people, therefore, we charge a very nominal fee and no one is ever turned away due to lack of money. As a result, the clinic does not produce the necessary income in order to meet its financial needs or have extra funds for expansion. The clinic has also reached a level that the needs of the patients are now outweighing the current capacity of the clinic.


The specific needs that the clinic has are:

▸ a fully equipped laboratory so that we can do our own lab work for our patients

▸ laboratory technician (of which we already have two people interested)

▸ full time doctor

▸ medical specialists

▸ new clinic (land and building)


There are some resources that the clinic already owns and/or has available to it. They are:

▸ current full time doctor (Dr. Diaz) who works afternoons five days a week (on salary that is supported by sponsors)

▸ obgyn specialist (Dr. Duran) who volunteers one afternoon a week

▸ Dr. Diaz, Dr. Duran and Sharyn Branson can use our local contacts to solict more local Christian specialists to volunteer 2 -3 hours every week to the clinic

▸ two (2) fully equipped, exam rooms with medical supplies

▸ pharmacy that is usually well stocked

▸ $100 US and $400 CDN in monthly sponsor monies to help cover doctor salary

▸ $22,000 USD cash on hand raised to purchase new clinic site

The clinic needs your help in order to obtain the following for the clinic:

▸ all equipment necessary to equip a functional medical laboratory

▸ $15,000 USD to buy the new clinic site. Asking price is $30,000 with taxes and lawyer fees being approximately an additional $5000 and $3000 to renovate the current house into a clinic. We already have $23,000 raised. (The land that we want to buy is just down the road from the current clinic location, is a larger property and has two buildings.)

▸ Monthly sponsors for the clinic. These sponsors’ funds would go towards doctor salaries, donations for specialists, purchase of medications and upkeep of the clinic.

If you are interested in helping out the Pedregal Clinic in anyway mentioned above or would like more information, please contact us at:

Paul and Sharyn Branson
House Upon the Rock Ministry, Inc.
Unit #3023-MSCDR
3170 Airmans Drive
Ft Pierce FL 34946
cel: 809 876 4631
cel: 829 912 3912
email: psbranson4@gmail.com

Facebook:     House Upon the Rock Ministry, Inc.


MSC Canada                                                    Sonlight Fellowship
Unit 16, 101 Amber Street                                Attn: Jeff Kale
Markham ON L3R 3B2                                    262 Forest Walk Way
www.msccanada.org                                          Moorseville NC 28115

Please include a note stating exactly what your donation is for so that we can ensure that it is used as your desire ie: monthly clinic sponsor or purchase of new clinic, etc.

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