Sunday, 17 January 2010

Resources Needed for Haiti

Updates, meetings, plans, phone calls, emails...... things are moving quickly and this is why I have been up on the computer the fast five night until way past midnight. We have received a phone call in regards to the “Missionary Partnering” (for lack of a better name right now). Some missionaries in the city of Santiago are coordinating with a lot of the ministries and local churches so that we can all work together, as one large body with purpose rather than a bunch of small groups doing bits here and there. This group is also working on the starting up of a temporary trauma orthopaedic hospital in Jimani. As the minutes go by, the group grows as does the skills, abilities, contacts and such. The Missionary Partnering is now growing to involve most all aspects of ministry and help. On Tuesday at 4 pm local time in Santiago, there is going to be a meeting with representatives of all ministries that are going to be joining this partnership to talk about what we can do, what we can not do, what resources each ministry has available to contribute, etc.

I am emailing to let you know that if you have any resources that you are wanting to contribute, please email me a list of these resource before 9 am Dominican time as I have to leave shortly thereafter to go to Santiago. List all resources that are available to contribute from finances to supplies (beds, blankets, medical supplies, construction supplies, tools, etc. – whatever you have to contribute) and also people who want to help. If there are people who want to come to help, please include them on your list and also what are their skills (nurse, surgical tech, surgeon, orthopaedic surgeon, carpenter, brick layer, etc.). Also, please include a time line as to when these resources can be available and arrive here. For example – you can send a container loaded with medical and construction supplies that will arrive in two weeks. A group of surgeons and nurses can be there in two weeks. Etc. etc.

As far as shipping goes, there are shipping companies stateside that are willing to help with shipping things to DR for Haiti and the Dominican government is relaxing Customs laws and rules for relief supplies to get into the country that is going to Haiti. Some of the local missionaries involved in this partnering have contacts and help with the Customs in order to help get containers through customs quickly.

Thank you for all you prayers. Prayers are priceless!!!!

We have heard reports out of Port au Prince that once the sun sets, all that you can hear in the streets is singing and praising God’s name and giving Him the glory. One week ago today, you could not even imagine that this would be happening on the streets of Port au Prince.

Blessings and keep praying for the souls of Haiti.
Sharyn & Paul


  1. Hi, Sharyn and Don Pablo!

    I am passing your messages along via email, Twitter and whatever other e-resources I can think of. Godspeed on your meeting in Santiago.

    God is good!


  2. Me again,

    I just contacted Samaritan's Purse via Twitter about your meeting tomorrow. Who knows what good could come of the message?

    May God's protective Hands be about everyone on the island....