Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Going to Haiti on Friday

At the beginning of January, Paul and I made a commitment to pray individually for two weeks, asking God if we are still where He wants us to be or if He wants us to move from here to another country or back home to Canada. The past year was one of difficulties and we felt really stagnate in our ministry. Three days before our pre-arranged date, the earthquake hit. Paul and I realized about a week after the quake that we had forgotten that we were to talk about our prayer times and what we felt God was telling us. It was very obvious that God is telling us that He is not finished with us here and we are right where He wants us to be and doing exactly what He wants us to do. God does speak very clearly sometimes and right now, we feel God speaking very clearly.

We would ask for your prayers as we prepare for another trip into Haiti. In the past few days, we have spent time at stores buying all kinds of supplies (see pictures) for Haiti Childrens Home (HCH) ( This orphanage is 48 km north of Port au Prince and their orphanage has been declared “unsafe” by the UN so they have been sleeping outside. Their generator and only source of electricity died. We have been put in contact with another missionary here in the DR (David) who lives about a 2 hour drive from HCH and had taken some supplies into them. After days of trying, we finally made phone contact directly with HCH. We received their needs list and, after a long conversation between Paul and David, we decided that it would be best to buy a new generator (see photos) rather than trying to fix the old generator that died. On Friday at 3:30 am, the trip into Haiti begins with leaving our home and travelling to David’s home in San Juan (about a 6 hr drive). David and Paul will load up the supplies we are bringing and what supplies David has been able to gather into David’s large van and then head out for the 2 hour drive, across the border to HCH. They will unload, check up on everyone at HCH and then return to San Juan. Two short term missionaries at HCH need to get out of Haiti and will be joining us on the return trip where Paul will drop them off in Santo Domingo at a hotel for their Saturday morning flight. We talked with them tonight and they said “wow – after weeks of sleeping outside on the ground, the hotel is going to be amazing!”

MSC Canada has sent us monies that have been donated through them for Haiti Relief and it is thanks to all those donors of MSC Canada that we are able to buy the generator and all these supplies for the orphans and workers at Haiti Childrens Home. On Friday night, they will still be sleeping outside but they will have electricity, rice, beans, peanut butter, diapers, milk, baby formula, canned foods and even some oreos to eat. We are so honoured that MSC sent these donated funds and that together with all these MSC Canada donors, we are all able to help this orphanage during these very, very difficult days in Haiti. Check back on Saturday to see photos of the trip to HCH.

Being on the same island of Haiti, we hear many first hand stories. Some stories are as bad as what you hear in the news but there are so many amazing, God stories going on in Haiti right now. A Haitian friend of ours emailed and told us that he was handing out Christian tracks in the street of Port au Prince and ministering with the victims who are wondering around with no where to go and nothing to do. All the people who our friend talked to were so very hungry to hear the Word of God and to be prayed for. The impact on our friend was so great that he really feels that God is telling him to organize a Crusade in order to preach the Word of God, share the Love of God and Pray with and for the people. Our friend is going to organize this crusade to last about three to five days and have it take place in the city’s national park. I am sure that you have all seen pictures of the national park on tv as this is where the largest “tent city” is in Port au Prince. Pray for our Haitian brother as he is ministering to the souls of his brothers and sisters in Haiti and that everything will come together to hold this crusade!

Haiti is a land that has rejected God for so very many years. Over the years that we have lived here and from when I have been in Haiti (pre-quake) we have learned that the presence, acceptance and practices of voodoo is huge and the majority of Haitians practice some voodoo rituals. Even the Catholic church accepts certain voodoo rituals as being cultural and they do not disapprove or stop them. Yesterday, I read an article in the Calgary Herald newspaper about one of the top voodoo priests getting out of his fancy SUV, with layers of gold chains, expensive clothes and doing some of his rituals on the streets of Port au Prince. After reading this, and praying for Haiti, I then received an email forward from a friend that was written by a missionary in Haiti and this missionary was talking about revival. Revivals for Jesus in Haiti! What an unheard of thing…… or at least one month ago it was unheard of. Today – this seem to be the New Haiti and more Haitians seem to be turning to God and Jesus for help. It is not new that in our darkest times we turn to God for help. Haiti is certainly going through some very dark times. We pray that out of these dark times a new Haiti is born. Not only a new Haiti in the sense that they have rebuild and develop a whole new capital city and country but a new Haiti is born spiritually. We pray that they publically turn away from voodoo and turn to Jesus. God never forsakes us and when we call on Him, He is there. May all the Haitians receive this message of love from our Heavenly Daddy and turn their hearts and lives to HIM who saves everyone who asks!

We are continuing to see a change in Dominican attitudes towards Haitians. Dominicans want to help and they are caring for their Haitian brothers and sisters. We see signs saying “Help our Haitian Neighbours” posted in the streets here. This is a very new attitude. We have Dominican friends coming to us and asking what we are doing and how can they help us to help Haiti. We are working on ways that our Dominican friends can join us to help our Haitian brothers and sisters.

Thank you all so much for all your prayers, emails, encouragement and giving. We will continue to do whatever God tells us to do in Haiti. Right now, our plans include helping HCH, helping another orphanage in Northern Haiti to maybe build some long term, strong temporary housing and helping another ministry that works with children and are now overwhelmed with families and refugees who have travelled from Port au Prince and have no where to go. Continue to uplift Haiti in your prayers. Do not forget them as they need God more than they need water and food.

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