Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Food & Building at Orphanage

This is, hopefully, going to be just a short note to bring you up to speed on our latest and ask you to continue to pray for us and our ministry.  In about 3 hours, the mission team from Friendship Community Church in Victoria BC will land in Puerto Plata.  Paul is already enroute to go pick them up as the airport is a 3 hour drive from our home.   There are 13 on this team and we are really excited about their arrival and all that God has planned with this team!!!!

The other day, we received word that Haiti Children’s Home (HCH) was running very low on food.  The price of groceries have skyrocketed in Haiti making it very hard to afford food and for what you do buy, you certainly do not receive very much.  Food prices are significantly lower in the Dominican Republic.  On Saturday, Paul and I headed down to Santiago and bought over $1500 worth of food for HCH.  On Sunday, right after church, Paul and our local pastor, Luis, set off towards Haiti.  They drove the 7 hours from our home to the border on Sunday and spent the night at a missionary friend’s home on the Dominican side of the border.  Monday morning, they set out to cross the border then drove the 2+ hour drive to the orphanage to take the food to them.

Matthieu, the director of the orphanage, was on the Haiti side of the border waiting for Paul and Luis.  Matthieu had come to the border for two reasons.  One was to show Paul the way from the border to the orphanage.  The other was to have on hand the orphanage’s documentation that proves that they are a non profit organization.   It is not hard to cross the border but the officials are cracking down more on documentations.  As you can imagine, with all the aid that has flooded into Haiti, the black market is on the rise.  The border officials are doing what they can to only allow in goods that have a legit destination and are not suspicious of going for re sale.  We knew of this so Paul had our ministry documentations and Matthieu was there with HCH’s.  The process to cross took a while due to broken photo copier and other such problems (typical third world stuff) but the guys did not have any problems or hassle.

Paul and Luis had two reasons for going to HCH.  One was to take them food.  The other was to talk with Matthieu and plan out building some temporary housing for the orphanage.  As you can see in our photos, the orphanage is all in tents.  There is one very large, white tent which is on loan from the UN.  On March 20th, the UN will return to collect this tent.  Currently, this tent is housing all of the babies who are in cribs and pack’n’plays.  The need for some sort of temporary housing is desperate.  Matthieu and Paul agreed that they are going to build a long shed style building out of plywood with a tin roof.  All of these materials are now available in Haiti.  Matthieu will obtain the materials while Paul and Luis put together a work team.

The mission work team that is going to go to HCH will include Paul, Luis, 3 Dominican builders and 2 Canadians who are arriving today on a mission team from Victoria BC.  The team will leave early Friday morning in order to get across the border before it closes at 6 pm.  They will work all day Saturday and Sunday and then leave first thing Monday morning in order to get back up here before dark.  HCH has workers and volunteers who are also going to be working with our team to get this housing built.  These are all men with building experience so it should go quickly!

Paul and I are just amazed to see how the Dominicans at our church and in our community want to help their Haitian brothers and sisters.  Personally, we have dealt with a lot of terrible prejudice against our Haitian born children.  We have had local people say to us “how could you have brought that thing into my country”.  The kids have endured all kinds of name calling from other kids due to the colour of their skin.  Both Paul and I have had adults say some very terrible things to us because our children are Haitian.  However, THIS IS CHANGING and we are seeing it every day!!!   There is a lady who owns one of the local pharmacies that we will purchase items from.  We have bought medications from a few times now to take over to Haiti.  Every time we have bought for Haiti, she has sold us every item at her cost and then added extras for frees.  On Sunday, she gave us a box of dolls and toys to take to the orphanage.  Paul saw this lady this morning and she asked when we are going back to Haiti.  Paul told her Friday.  She told Paul to come in on Thursday and she will have some items for us to take that she wants to donate!   Six months ago, I would never even have dreamed to see and hear the Dominicans speaking and acting so kindly towards the Haitians.  We have even had some strangers stop us when we have been out with our kids and say some very kind words to us in regards to our Haitian born children. 

I can not explain why so many people died in Haiti’s earthquake but I can testify that the results of the earthquake can only be described as “From God”!   Only God could change such prejudice.  Only through God would we be seeing over 40,000 new believers in Haiti.  Only through God is the whole world praying for the people and souls of Haiti every day.  Only God!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for all your prayers and emails.  Keep them coming.  Please lift up this mission team of Dominicans and Canadians as they head over to Haiti to world side by side with Haitians to get some housing built for these 32 orphans and their care givers!

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