Saturday, 26 June 2010

Two Trips to Haiti in June!

I did not realize it has been so long since I updated the blog.  The past six weeks have been busy.  We have had ten different sets of guests in our house and we enjoyed them all.  Some of have been friends we have not seen for many years and others we have seen recently.  Anny’s sponsors  came and attended her grade 8 graduation and met her for the first time - which was great.  The kids finished school and passed to the next grade levels.  We are very proud of them.  The kids also went to a ten day Kings Kids camp hosted by YWAM.  For those of you who have been part of our support team all these years, you may remember back a number of years that we use to lead Kings Kids in the DR for six years with YWAM.  It is amazing to think that now, our kids attend Kings Kid.  Are we really getting older? Ummmmm......

In June, we made two trips to Haiti Children’s Home.  The first one was a very quick trip and made even quicker by border crossing problems which caused the team to spend the night on the DR side of the border.  This cut their time at the orphanage down by an entire day.  The team was a group from Santiago, lead by missionaries from there who run a leadership program for Dominican young adults.  They went to the orphanage to paint some fun stuff on the walls of the temporary building and do a lot of loving and playing with the orphans.  It was a great couple days and everyone benefitted!

The second trip was from 17 - 21 June and it was another all mens building team.  This time, the guys built a second temporary building, much like the first but a bit smaller.  This building is housing the staff and volunteers and for the first time since the earthquake, on June 21st, they were not sleeping in tents and in the dirt.  Praise God!

The enemy really did not want this trip to happen.  One of the Dominican men who was suppose to go on this trip cut his hand with a table saw five days before the trip.  We praise God that Marcos will heal and that he did not loose any fingers but he was not able to go on the trip.  Two other Dominican men, who had not had work for a while, got new jobs a couple days before the trip and, therefore, we not able to go.  The night before the trip, one of the men was not going to go as they had no food in the house and he could not go to Haiti and leave his wife with no food or money.  However, God provided and food showed up at their door and he was able to go.  In the end, five men went.  Three from our Dominican church and two who flew in from Victoria Canada (Friendship Community Church) to go to Haiti and build this housing.

Two days before the trip, Paul was doing some last minute errands in town when our vehicle would not start.  Then he saw smoke coming from under the hood.  There was a short a small fire burning.  He was able to put the fire out, make the repairs and there was no permanent damage.  The next day, the clutch in the pick up truck started to act funny.  Again, it was nothing.  The morning that the team was leaving, the coffee pot got a short and stopped working and our washing machine would not do the spin cycle.  Needless to say, we were feeling very attacked by the enemy but we know that God always wins.

The guys had safe travels, worked very hard in very hot conditions and accomplished the job God had for them. The guys were so hot and the humidity so high that in the middle of the afternoon, the guys took off their t-shirts and, literally, could ring out all the sweat from the shirts.  They did work in evening hours, taking breaks in the afternoon as it was just too hot to work in the afternoons and much cooler to work once the sun set.   The biggest distraction for the team was the adorable kids who want to play and help out as best as they can.

The workers at the orphanage have hard work as they do their very best to care for these 35 orphans while living in substandard housing with very little provisions in one of the poorest countries of the world.  However, the faith that is so prevalent at the orphanage is amazing.  God is everywhere.  And not just at the orphanage but everywhere in Haiti!  We are still hearing reports of God’s name being raised in the streets of Haiti every single day.  People are still turning away from voodoo and towards God.  God is still winning the battles in Haiti.

As time goes on, Haiti is out of the news and we all can forget but please remember to pray for Haiti.  Pray for the basic needs of the people.  The government has closed their doors and are no longer receiving aid as their warehouses are full.  This is so sad as the warehouses are full and the people are not receiving any of this aid.  The people are starving, literally, and the government has buildings full of donated food that is not being distributed.  The housing needs in Haiti will be huge for years to come.  Rebuilding can not be done quick enough and so many, many people are still homeless, living in tents or under sheets.

Keep praying the spiritual needs of the country and for all the relief workers, no matter who they are working with. The relief workers are exhausted.  Some are Christian and some are not.  Pray that the Christians are a testimony and light to the non Christian relief workers and that all the people (Haitians and relief workers) see the light and love of Jesus shine through all the Christians.

Also, pray for the government.  This government needs a lot of prayer and direction from our Lord.  It is the only way that Haiti will recover.

Thank you everyone who has sent in a financial donation to help our work in Haiti.  It is only because of your generosity that we are able to make these trip to Haiti and do the work we are doing there.  In July, we plan to go to Northern Haiti to build a kitchen for church.  This church is making hundreds and hundreds of meals each week for children and refugees from the earthquake who have moved North.  The church as no kitchen and makes all these meals on an open campfire. 

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