Monday, 16 August 2010

Evangelical Crusade and Lightening Strike at the house

Hello from the land of electrical storms!!!

Thank you all so much for your prayers and emails for us and our electrical problems after lightening struck. No more new strikes have hit us even though we have been having strong electrical storms every afternoon. I will give you an update on that in just a second but first, I want to share what we are up to tonight. Today, in the Dominican Republic, it is a national holiday. It is also the last weekend before schools go back in on Wednesday to start the next school year. Today is going to be a huge party day all around the country so we picked tonight to put on an evangelical crusade in Pedregal. Five local churches are participating, each one doing a different part, Paul will be preaching and a pastor from Santo Domingo is coming up to preach. It will be starting at 7pm and going until the Holy Spirit ends it. If you have been following our reports these past few months, you might remember that we have talked about spiritual battles that have been going on in the village. We are praying that some of these strongholds will come crashing down tonight.

Your prayers for the crusade and a barrier of God’s protection around the event would be so appreciated and are needed!

In regards to our electrical – it took until Saturday to get the parts removed from the generator, taken to the city, repaired and re-installed. The generator is not fixed. It is basically fixed with a bandaid in order to provide us with some electricity but it is by no means fixed. The generator is not producing strong electricity and as a result, is not charging our inverter properly. We have to basically rely on the generator for our electricity right now which is very expensive with the price of gas. We usually run on our generator about 4 hours a day. Right now, if we want power, we have to run it. If we want water, we have to run it. The techs say that they will be back on Tuesday to continue to work on it and see if can be repaired back to normal and we expect it to take a few days of work.

So – the bottom line is that we have temporary power and water but the problem is not fixed yet. Your continued prayers are appreciated. Due to the electrical problems, I will not be on the computer as often as we are conserving as much electricity and water as possible.

One more prayer request, on a personal side – Wednesday is the day that all schools go back in here in the DR. We do home school now but we try to keep the same school schedule as the country so that the kids have the same free days as their friends. Therefore, we too are going back to school on Wednesday morning. It will be quite a thing to get back into the routine of home schooling. Your prayers for our family would be appreciated. For the kids as they wrap their brains, focus and energy back around the idea of getting back to school, for Paul as his routine changes a bit and for me as I put that teacher hat back on (especially for patience for me as homeschooling the kids is a challenge for me) and still run my clinic. Thank you.

Have a great week. Keep your emails coming and I will check and respond regularly. I will send out an email letting you know how the crusade tonight goes and with updates on our electrical issues.

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