Sunday, 26 September 2010

Never a Dull Moment

Life is certainly never dull down here. It is hurricane season until November 30th and it has been one storm after another. In just a few weeks or so, there has been ten named storms in the Atlantic. We are very thankful that not one has hit this island. However, Hurricane Igor did a lot of damage to Eastern Canada - your prayers are appreciated!

Colds have hit hard at our house these past few days with all of us being affected. Samantha was first with a fever and terrible cough. Then came Noah and Paul. Noah said to me "Mom, my nose is drooling." I have also had a low grade fever which still persists. The others in the house seem to at the final stage of their colds.

We have had houseguests for the past month. An American couple joined our church a number of months ago, which is how we met. They are not missionaries but expats who are living down here. They have come on some hard times and had no place to go so we invited them to stay with us while they get back up on their feet. Your prayers for them are appreciated.

The enemy continues to attack as God's word is shared and people make decisions to follow our Heavenly Daddy. It is not the big things that seem to affect us so much as the little things. Sickness, financial struggles, problems with kids, lack of work, etc. All these things have plagued all those who work for our ministry, however, God is stronger and we will continue to serve Him in all that we all do. We are so thankful to have Dominicans who work for our ministry with such strong faith and that we are able to encourage and pray for each other daily.

The public health clinic that we spoke of a couple months ago is again under construction. They started to work on it in the middle of last week. We have no idea how long it will take them to build it or when they plan to open. It is a good thing that God is in control. This gives us all so much peace!

Next Saturday, we are heading off to a remote village to do a medical clinic. We can drive only so far then men from the village will meet us at the river with donkeys and we will continue on foot to the village. The donkeys will carry our supplies as we proceed on foot. They say that it is a 30 minute hike to the village. A fellow missionary from Curacao ministers in this village and approached us to bring a one day clinic to the village. The people of this village live very remotely and do not come out to go to the doctor. There are about 80 people living in this village. Your prayers are appreciated next Saturday as we head to this village to do medical consults, give medications and most importantly, share the Word of God with every patient.

Paul is staying his usual busy with various projects. He has been frustrated by just keeping us surviving. We have been experiencing one thing after another, especially with our electricity to our house and vehicle breakdowns. Keep us going day to day has been very consuming to Paul and he is not as far in his projects as he wants to be. However, he is still working hard doing various evening movie and evangelical crusades and beginning work on a kitchen for Pastor Eddy in Haiti. We will keep you posted on this as it progresses.

The kids are doing well. The school that they use to attend has started up a great after school program offering ten different options. Samantha is taking gymnastics while Noah is taking American Football and sculpting. The programs just began late last week but so far - they kids are really enjoying the activates. Paul and I are so thankful to the school for allowing home school kids to enroll and putting together such a great after school program!

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