Friday, 15 July 2011

Edwaldi's Stroke

This morning at 6:35 am, Edwardi, my secretary, Ana Maria’s husband, woke up in pain, said he could not see anything and fell unconscious. To shorten the very long day’s story, Edwardi suffered a major stroke in the frontal lobe of his brain. He remains in a coma and is on a ventilator. (For my medical friends, before we tubed him, his glascow was 7.) He was able to breathe some on his own but not sufficiently so we had to put him on a ventilator to breathe for him. Now, we are all in the waiting period. All tests, including the cat scan, will be repeated in the morning, 24 hours after the stroke, then again at 48 hours and again at 72 hours.

Edwardi is in critical condition in the ICU in La Vega. I was down there for a good part of the day with Ana Maria. I like the neurologist who is in charge of Edwardi’s care and he has been keeping me updated. I will return to La Vega in the morning. Ana Maria asked me to come when the tests are all repeated. The first 72 hours are the critical hours.

Thank you all so much for all your prayers and for the many emails back. Ana Maria asked me to specifically thank you all for your love and prayers for Edwaldi and their entire family.

As of about 4:30 pm this afternoon, Edwaldi had not made any change at since he had the stroke yesterday morning. At about noon, while I present, the neurologist, Dr. Reyes we turned off the ventilator to see if Edwaldi could breathe strong enough on his own to disconnect him from the ventilator and take him downstairs for a CAT scan. Edwaldi was not able to breathe strong enough on his own. When Ana Maria was allowed in to visit Edwaldi at 5 pm, he had started to make some very minor reflex responses. At 7:00 pm, the cardiologist okayed it for Edwaldi to be taken off the ventilator do go downstairs for the CAT scan! At about 8:00 pm, Edwaldi had spontaneous movement of his hand and foot and lifted his head off the pillow. He not awoken yet but he did have these movements. I do not know the results of the CAT scan yet. AMEN!

I have received some emails asking if people could send some funds to help with the medical costs. If you would like to send some funds, you can send it via Western Union in the name of Ana Maria Quiroz Rosario, Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic, phone 1 809 855 7241 or 829 709 7912. Or, you can make a direct deposit into my Royal Bank in Canada or RBC Securities in the US bank account in the US or Canada and I will withdraw the funds and give them to Ana Maria. If you want to do this, email and I will email you my banking information. As of tonight, the hospital bill is just over $2000. Praise God, a church has already offered to pay the hospital bill up to $2000. God is just so amazing good!

On behalf of Ana Maria and her family, thank you so much for all your love and prayers. They have so much peace knowing that so many in many countries are praying for them.


First off, Ana Maria has asked me to say thank you so much for all your prayers. She knows that there are thousands of prayers being prayed for Edwaldi and the entire family. Your prayers are giving them all strength. Ana Maria has not left the hospital yet. Ana Maria is an amazing woman and today I stood back, looking at her in awww as she shared with me a story. At the ICU, the visiting hours are 3 times a day for only 15 minutes. Last night, during her 8 – 8:15 pm visit, Ana Maria went to the beside of a man who was admitted to the ICU during the day. This man (I do not know his name) has end stage liver cancer. Ana Maria asked him if he knew Jesus Christ. He said that he was born a Catholic and will die a Catholic. Ana Maria proceeded to say that she was not talking religion but personal relationship and did he really have Jesus in his heart. After talking with this man for a bit, he asked Ana Maria to pray with him and asked Jesus into his heart! God is glorified even in the most difficult situations. As Ana Maria was sharing this with me, she said that it is okay that they are going through what they are because one life was saved and will be going to heaven. Amazing! I really am speechless at God and at Ana Maria.

Ana Maria and I had a long talk with the neurologist, Dr. Reyes today and went over the CAT scan and recent tests. The infection in Edwaldi’s lungs is responding well to antibiotics. His breathing is a lot stronger. Yesterday, he was registering 62 – 64 on the monitor and today was at 91 with a BP of 122/82. This is all great and he is very stable. Dr. Reyes explained that the type of stroke Edwaldi suffered is a circulatory stroke in which the stroke circumferences the brain and affected the entire left hemisphere of the brain. There was no blood clot or lesion and Edwaldi has no partial paralyses on either side. Edwaldi is stable, not suffering but is in a coma. Dr. Reyes shared that patients that who do not wake up on their own within the first 7 – 9 days usually stay in a long term coma of which no one can predict how long Edwaldi would remain in a coma. Dr. Reyes also told Ana Maria that she needs to start thinking about where she will move Edwaldi for more long term care that is affordable if he does not wake up in the next 5 – 7 days. However, for the next five days or so, Edwaldi will remain where he is, under Dr. Reyes’ care and we will continue to pray that Edwaldi will wake from the coma.

Thank you all so much for all your prayers, emails and phone calls to Ana Maria. She and her entire family are so grateful for you. I will keep you updated.

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