Sunday, 17 July 2011

God is always at work!

I have been sending out a lot of updates on our friend, Edwaldi but there is some other news I want to share about what has been happening as a result. I wrote a couple days ago how Ana Maria shared about Jesus to a patient in the ICU and this man asked Jesus into his life and to be his saviour. This was amazing and I am still in awe of Ana Maria and her strength.

Paul was talking with the teenage son of a neighbour to Ana Maria and Edwaldi the other day. The conversation began about Edwaldi and then proceeded. By the end of the conversation, Esterling (the teenager) told Paul that he wants what Ana Maria and Paul has and how to have Jesus in his heart. Right there, Esterling prayed and asked Jesus into his heart.

Yesterday afternoon, we invited Ana Maria’s two sons and their cousin to join our team for the afternoon, dinner and evening. After dinner, the team has devotions. The person who’s turn it was to lead devotions (Adam) felt in the afternoon that he should change his topic from what he was going to share on to more of an evangelistic message. Adam listened to God and did just that. By the end of the devotions, the cousin, Romern, asked Jesus into his heart and life.

Edwaldi has not gone to church for many years. Two days before his stroke, Paul and Edwaldi were talking, just like they do many times every week, but this time, the conversation changed to more about faith and church. Edwaldi shared how he asked Jesus into his life when he was younger, he still loved Jesus and believed in God but lost his faith in the church due to the wrong actions of the church that he was attending at the time. Edwaldi and Paul talked some more and then, before ending the conversation, prayed together.

Even amidst all the pain and sadness of Edwaldi’s stroke and current coma, God is still being glorified and the entire situation is being used to bring three lives into the glory and presence of God. God is so amazing!

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