Monday, 1 August 2011

Canada & July Update

Not one of us can believe that we have only three days left here in the DR before we leave for an eleven month sabbatical. WOW. Time has flown by. This past month has been very busy for us and we are so thankful for all the amazing work that God has done here.

We have had two successful mission teams come to work with us this past month. The first one came from Victoria Canada and they spent time working on two houses. One belonging to a single young lady (Cristina) and the other of a family of six (Alberto & Cristina). Crintians, single lady is 22 years old, we started her house with our team in January and were able to almost complete it. Alberto & Cristina have four children ages 2 month to seven years old and are one of the poorest families in the community. It was such a joy to help these two families.

The second team came from Franklin, NC and brought two amazing, gifted speakers, Larry and Susan Pons and also continued to work on the house for the family of six. We hosted a conference for the entire town that lasted six days with the focus on families and relationships. A huge impact was made on the entire town and people are still talking about what they learned.

Losing Eduardi
When the team from Victoria was here, a good friend, Eduardi, had a stroke. Eduardi is the husband of Sharyn’s secretary, right hand and good friend, Ana Maria. Paul and Eduardi have been friends for many years. After 8 days in a coma, Jesus took Eduardi home. Eduardi was only 51 years old. He had accepted Jesus into his heart many years ago but was not attending church for a while due to being hurt by the actions of a pastor. Two days before the stroke, Paul and Eduardi had a good talk about all this, Eduardi and Paul prayed and Eduardi asked God to forgive him for his grudge against the pastor and to also forgive the pastor. We all take a lot of comfort in this.

Through the eight days that Eduardi was in a coma and the few days following his death, seven people asked Jesus into their hearts. Two were patients who were dying in the ICU at the hospital who Ana Maria led to the Lord. Ana Maria is an amazing person with a faith that is so strong. The parents of the house that our teams have been working on, Alberto and Cristina, are two of the seven who accepted Jesus during this time. God is amazing and many angels are rejoicing!

Tropical Storm Emily
As these days tick by towards our departure, we learned tonight that Tropical Storm Emily is headed directly towards us. Emily is expected to go right over the entire island on Wednesday night. We are praying that it does not grow stronger and turn into a hurricane. If you want to follow the storm, you can at or on their facebook page

We arrive late into Calgary this Friday night and will be in Three Hills on Saturday midday. We look forward to settling into the rental house, getting things in order, celebrating Noah and Samantha’s birthdays and making a quick trip to Victoria. We are so thankful for our friends in Trochu who are doing much to make our arrival smooth and comfortable!

Once we arrive in Canada, we will be planning our travels for our sabbatical. If you would like us to come visit you, share at your church, home group, mission conference, etc. just drop us an email. As funds will be tight, any help with travel costs in advance will be greatly appreciated.

Here are our plans for now:

5 August Depart the DR and arrive in Calgary
6 August Arrive in Three Hills
13 August Arrive in Victoria
16/17 August Depart for Three Hills
29 August Noah & Samantha start school
5 September Paul begins Bible College (Seminary)
4-8 November Ottawa, Ontario to speak at a Missions Conference
27-29 January MissionsFest Vancouver, BC - we will have a booth and be promoting our ministry.

We would like to visit as many of you as possible while we are on sabbatical. Please do let us know if you would like us to come visit.
We look forward to hearing from you and seeing as many as possible during the next eleven months.
God bless you. Thank you for love, prayers and support of us, our ministry and our sabbatical.

Financial Contributions can be sent to:
MSC Canada Sonlight Fellowship
101 Amber Street Suite 16 Attn: Jeff Kale
Markham ON L3R 3B2 262 Forest Walk Way Moorseville NC 28115
You can also go to our website for links to donate via PayPal (

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