Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Latest from Alberta

It has been quite a past three months for us and we are so thankful for you all as you have followed our work, travels, and pray for us. We arrived in Canada on August 5th and in Three Hills, Alberta on the 6th. Our friends met us in Calgary and gave us keys to a great minivan then we drove ourselves to Three Hills. When we arrived at the house we are renting, we found food in the kitchen, beds made and towels in the bathroom. What a huge treat and blessing from our friends and church family at Trochu Baptist.

We then hit the road running. We spent a few days in the Trochu/Three Hills area, late nights catching up with good friends, a day in Red Deer with Paul’s sister then we were off to Vancouver and Victoria BC to visit family, speak at Saanichton Bible Fellowship, pick up a few things we had stored at Paul’s Dad’s then headed back to Alberta. When we sorted through our stuff we had stored at Dad’s, we found ourselves laughing a lot as we opened boxes and wondered why we felt it was important to store certain items for the past sixteen years.

Before we headed to BC, we got Samantha into the doctor to begin her evaluations and get in to see a specialist. On Friday, Sammy had pulmonary testing with the respiratory therapist (RT). The RT thinks that Samantha’s problems are more than just asthma. When Samantha did the breathing tests before medication, she was functioning at 68%. Then, the RT administered respiratory medication, and repeated the testings. Samantha’s lungs dropped to 64% after medication that is suppose to improve the breathing. We are now waiting for an appointment with a pediatric respiratory specialist at the Calgary Children’s Hospital. There is only one specialist in the province but the RT said that Samantha should get in soon as her condition and symptoms are so severe. Prayers for a quick appointment are appreciated.

Next week, the kids start school. Prayers for them as they attend school this year, are the new kids in the school and are not home schooled are appreciated. Both kids are excited and nervous at the same time. So far, the kids are adjusting well to life in Canada. Yesterday, we found two used bikes for $20 each. After some WD40, tightening a few things and air in the tires and the kids are off. They are both so happy to have bikes to ride. Now we have to teach them bike road safety as in the DR, we would never allow them to bike on the roads due to the extreme danger. Paul will also be starting school next week. He is checking out courses and signing up this week.

In the first week of September, I will be planning our travel schedule for our sabbatical. Some of you have let me know that you would like us to come visit and share about the ministry at your church, mission conference or study group. If you have not responded yet and do want us to come, please let me know before September 1st.

We are thankful that H. Irene was not too destructive to the Dominican Republic and Haiti! There was a lot of rain on the north coast and rain throughout the country but the eye of the storm stayed about 60 miles off the north coast. As this hurricane continues to grow and head towards the Bahamas and US, please keep everyone in the storm’s path in your prayers.

CLINIC NEWS - The good and the bad
Ana Maria emailed me last night and told me that they have been so busy the past few days at the clinic. A good day at the clinic is 8 - 10 patients. On Thursday and Friday, they saw 31 patients and yesterday (Monday) they saw 11 patients. This is so fantastic!

On Sunday evening, we received an email from the landlord of the house that we rent for the clinic. After nine years of renting from him, he has decided to terminate our contract and no longer wants to rent to us. According to Dominican law, he has to give us six months written notice, delivered by a bailiff. As the landlord informed us via email, and on our lawyer’s advice, we informed the landlord of this law. We also have asked him to consider delaying the termination of the rental contract until August 2012 so that we have a chance to return to the DR. It will be huge if we are out of country while the clinic has to find a new location and relocate. We are now awaiting a response from the landlord.

Your prayers are really appreciated in regards to the future of the clinic. We have no plans to close to the clinic as we know that it is God’s will for it to continue. God is in control of all things and He knew that this was going to happen before we did. Now, we are praying for Him to show us His plans.


So many of you have prayed for Ana Maria and her family after Eduardi’s passing. Ana Maria has asked me to pass along their sincere thank you and appreciation for all of your love, financial gifts, sympathy emails and prayers. Yesterday, Owaldy, the oldest son, returned to Ohio where he is studying on a full scholarship. It was very hard on everyone to see Owaldy leave but it is the right thing. Your continued prayers for the family and they learn to live without Eduardi are appreciated.

Thank you for all your love, prayers and support of us and our ministry. We look forward to seeing many of you over the next ten months.

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