Thursday, 2 February 2012

This past weekend, we were blessed with being able to be one of 269 exhibitors at MissionFest Vancouver 2012. It was quite a weekend. Hundreds of people stopped by our booth to learn more about what God is doing in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. As far as we know, we were the only ministry exhibiting that works in the Dominican Republic. There were a couple other ministries that are working in Haiti.

Thanks goes to Darrel Cragg who spent his entire weekend helping to man the booth and talk to the many people who wanted to learn more about House Upon the Rock Ministry. Also thanks to Sharyn's brother Mike and neice who helped out Saturday afternoon. The hours were long (Friday 12 - 10pm, not including set up time in the morning, Saturday 9 am - 10 pm and Sunday noon -5 pm) so it was great to have the extra help so that we could take a break.

We made contacts with some other ministries that there are possibiities of partnering with in the future. There were a number of people inquiring about mission teams and coming down to work short or long term as missionaries. Also, fourteen people signed up to receive our newsletter.

We are thankful to God for this opportunity to get the ministry name and website out there more and more known to people here in Canada.

This weekend, we are speaking at Innisfail Baptist Church in Innisfail, Alberta. 18 - 29 February will find us in Victoria. If you are in either of these areas, we look forward to seeing you! I will post on the blog before the 18th our speaking schedule for our time in Victoria.


  1. Paul and Sharyn, that sounds great! I really hope House Upon the Rock Ministry will be blessed by those who came by your booth.

  2. Hello Sharyn (& Paul & Mike)

    Great to see all you are doing and being to keep up via Web.
    It was very neat to see my Aunt Clara and Cousin Byron on their visit to the DR.

    Doug Anderson