Monday, 5 March 2012

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It was a busy and great time on the West Coast for the last two weeks of February. It was probably our busiest trip yet in Victoria and God did some amazing things. We were able to share about the works that God is doing in the Dominican Republic and Haiti with three churches and numerous people. It was great. We were also able to share some great meals, catch up with friends, supporters, prayer warriors and family. We spent eleven days on the coast and it was a blessed time.

For some fun, we headed over to Vancouver to spend some time with kids’ grandparents and had a great afternoon and evening eating at the Olde Spaghetti Factory in Gastown and the taking in the Harlem Globetrotters’ game. Grandma got amazing seats and we sat right behind the Globetrotters who would turn and chat with the kids during the game. Afterwards, Noah made his rounds and obtained numerous signatures on his basketball. It was a fun day for all of us. We all laughed a lot and it was great to do this with Grandma and Grandpa.

Yesterday, we spoke with Ana Maria and Anny down in the Dominican Republic and got all caught up. Ana Maria and I exchange a few emails every week but it is always great to talk on the phone. Ana Maria shared that the clinic is a bit slow, not a lot of patients coming in so your prayers for more patients would be appreciated. The sponsorship program is doing well. We have received 12 more applications from students for sponsors. The kids currently with sponsors are doing well, although, there are a couple teenagers struggling a bit with their grades. Some of this has to do with their age and some has to do with lack of parental support. Ana Maria and Daniel are going to have a meeting with the teens in the coming week to talk with them, see how they can support them, encourage them, etc. We have some teams already booked for this Fall so Daniel is working to ensure that housing is arranged and other preparations that need to be done prior to our arrival. We were able to get two copies of the movie “Courageous” to our staff in the DR (with Spanish language) so they are now starting to show that at churches and crusades. We are thankful to a friend from Georgia who helped to get those copies to Ana Maria, Wendy and Daniel.

There is a lot of turmoil going on in the village of Pedregal due to the influence of the priest at the camp in the village. Your prayers are appreciated in the spiritual battle. It is hard to talk about in an email as I want to be careful not to gossip or speak wrongly. Please pray for the spiritual welfare of all the people in the village; for their wisdom, discernment and ability to see the only the truth of God in all things. We are so thankful to have Ana Maria, Wendy and Daniel on staff who are such strong women and man of God who are praying, teaching and influence in such Godly ways. Our foster daughter, Anny, was telling us last night that she wants to start up a Bible Study for the youth in the village and is going to Ana Maria to help mentor her in this venture. God is moving in powerful ways and it is so great to hear Anny’s enthusiasm in wanting to teach her peers about God. Please keep Anny in your prayers as she starts tries to start up this Bible study with her peers in the village.

We also have heard from the family who is renting our house in the Dominican Republic. They have had a time with our dogs that have both been sick and they have worked hard to get the dogs healthy. The family renting our house have to return to the United States at the beginning of June. We are not returning until 31 July. That leaves two months for our house without renters. It sounds like Daniel, who is on staff with our ministry, will stay in the house with his family for this time. Your prayers for the economical juggle of us having to pay rent and all utilities in Alberta as well as in the DR for those two months are appreciated. We know that God will provide and your added prayers are appreciated. Please keep Daniel and his family in your prayers as they care for the house and dogs in our absence.

Paul was blessed with being able to attend a Men’s Retreat here in Alberta this past weekend. He has never attended a Men’s function in his life so he was a bit outside his comfort zone, however, he loved the teachings and had a great time fellowshipping with the men on the weekend.

This Friday, Sharyn is off to Ontario, California, to be one of three speakers at a Ladies Mission Conference. Sharyn have never attended a Ladies Conference, retreat or even Bible Study before so now it is her turn to be outside of her comfort zone. We are thankful for the conference for inviting Sharyn and paying her airfare. Paul and the kids will stay home in Alberta but Sharyn’s friend will be going with her California. Sharyn will return Monday. Prayers for safe travel to and from California and God’s words to be spoke are appreciated!

Our next trip will be to Medford and La Grande, Oregon the second week of April. We will be in Medford on April 12 and 13th then La Grande on the 14th and 15th then return to Alberta. We will be sharing at Trinity Baptist in La Grande on the Sunday.

Thank you so much for all your love, prayers and support. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing as many as possible before we return to the mission field in July.

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