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Pictured below is the current house that Noe and his family are living in.
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Noe's Testimony

When Noe was little, his father left his mother and Noe did not see his father again.  After a while, Noe’s mother remarried and had three more children with Noe’s stepfather.  Noe’s stepfather never treated him like his own children.  Noe was treated like an outcast, abused, and never felt love.  By the time that Noe was 19 years old, he was so depressed and, one evening, seriously thinking about taking his own life.  It was this evening that Noe felt God speaking to him and telling him to go to church.  The feeling was so strong that Noe did go to church.  At church, he meet some nice people who treated him with love and told him about God.  It was through this church that Noe learned about God, felt loved, accepted and Noe turned to God, giving his life to God.  

Noe had a job, was attending church, making new friends and a new church family.  One evening, Noe has a dream.  In this dream, Noe met a young lady and they became friends.  A couple months later, while at church, a man in the church invited Noe over to his house and told him there was someone that Noe had to meet.  Noe went to this man’s house and when he arrived, a young lady came out of the house.  It was the same young lady that he saw in his dream.  About a year later, Noe and Anna married.
Now that they were married, they, like most of us, wanted a house.  In the DR, people will build their houses on family property.  As Noe and Anna’s family are poor, there was not a lot of options.  Noe’s mom said that Noe could build his house on top of her’s.  She had a concrete roof and a second floor could be built.  Noe was working hard, saving all his money, to buy some bricks and a bag of concrete.  Over time, Noe and Anna’s house was starting to come together, and, the now had two small children.  Then Noe’s half brother was diagnosed with cancer.  There is no medical insurance in the DR so people have to pay for all doctor consults, tests, medications, treatments, etc.  The family started to borrow and sell items in order to pay for the half brother’s medical care.  Noe’s mother took out loans, using her house a collateral.  Noe’s half brother passed away and the family could not pay the creditors.  The creditor’s took the house and just like that, Noe and Anna were homeless.  Noe came home from work to find his wife, two children, their mattress and clothing on the street and they had no where to go.

Noe worked hard and was able to rent a very small house made out of wood and, literally, leaning over and falling down.  Noe and Anna were praying for a house of their own.  Noe was able to get a very small piece of land that is approximately 15' x 30'.  However, they do not have the ability to buy any building materials to build a house.

It is 2013 when Noe wakes up from a very vivid dream.  Noe had a dream that God was speaking to him and telling him that in 2015, he would be given the keys to his own house.  Noe believed God but was not sure if it was a dream and promise from God or not.  About two months later, a girl from church comes to Noe and Anna to tell them about a dream that she had.  She told them that she had the dream two days earlier and feels that God is not letting her forget about it until she shares it with Noe and Anna.  She then proceeds to tell Noe and Anna that God said in her dream that in 2015, the keys to their own house would be handed to them.  This all took place in 2013.

In September 2014, House Upon the Rock Ministry decided that the next house project that we would take on would be for a family in the village who were living in a rented, wood house that was falling down and were in desperate need of a house.  In October 2014, the first team began work on this house.  It is the house of Noe and Anna.  A second team continued on the house in November, a third and fourth team continued work on Noe and Anna’s house in March 2015.

While the March teams were working on Noe and Anna’s house, Paul asked Noe to share his testimony with the teams.  Paul had heard a little of Noe’s testimony but had not hear the entire testimony, as we have shared in this newsletter today.

As of Easter Friday, Noe’s house nearly completed.  The floors are now done, the windows and doors are being installed, some of the electrical and plumbing is also completed.  We are hoping to hand over the keys to Noe and Anna to their new home within the next week or two.

At the time that Paul and our Dominican Board selected Noe and Anna as our next house to build, none of us had any idea about the prophetic words that God had given Noe through the two dreams back in 2013.  We did not know about this until the middle of March 2015 and, by that time, it was already clear that Noe, Anna and their children would be living in their new house in 2015.

Praise God for this new house for Noe and Anna, for all the teams that have been a huge part of building the house and providing funds to buy construction materials, for God and His faithfulness and His blessings to His children in such special ways that can only be God.

Roof Completed

Teams from Victoria BC and Charlotte NC worked hard to pour the beam and get the roof on Noe and Anna's new house.  It was a lot of fun to see this accomplished as well as to watch our son, Noah work with Chelo (local concrete professional) to plaster the inside walls of the house.  Thanks to the hard work and financial help of these teams, plus the teams from Charleston SC who started the house in November, the family will be living in their new home in the year 2015 - just like God promised!

Noe & Pastor Byron

from Victoria BC Canada are pictured here  standing inside Noe and Anna's new house.  As of the writing of this newsletter, the house now has a polished red concrete floor, plastered walls, the doors are installed and most of the windows are installed.  There is still some wiring and plumbing to be completed.  We hope to hand the keys over to Noe and Anna within two weeks.

You also be patient.  Establish your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is at hand.   James 5v8


  • Praise God for His faithfulness, for speaking to us, encouraging us, meeting our needs and blessing us.  He is faithful and true!
  • Praise God for Noe, Anna and their family.  And for Noe listening and trusting God to take care of him and his family.
  • Praise God for mission teams, their churches and many people who support them.  They are such a huge blessing - so much more than words can describe.
  • Praise God for taking care of us all, even in the hard and difficult times, He is with us.  It is easier to walk the hard times with God than without God.  Thank you Daddy in Heaven for never leaving us.
  • Pray that we can complete Noe and Anna's house and that they can moved in within the next couple weeks.
  • Pray for all the kids in our sponsorship program and for their families.  Some are going through some very hard times.
  • Pray  for all the staff and volunteers with House Upon the Rock ministry.


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