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Read on to learn what amazing things God is doing in the Dominican Republic and Canada
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Changing Futures

One life at a time, futures are being changed through school sponsorship.  This young man is Christian.  I first met Christian when he was four weeks old.  He had been born prematurely and weighed 2 pounds at birth.  After four weeks in the hospital, the doctors sent Christian home to die.  His mom was 17 at the time.  Christian had a very serious infection on his foot from where the nurses had put in an IV at birth, and left it for four weeks.  The nurses told Liliana, Christian's mother, that she could not breast feed because her milk was bad because she delivered Christian prematurely.   By this time, Liliana had no breast milk to feed Christian and no money to buy the highly nutritional milk needed for her son.

Liliana's sister came to the clinic, begging me to go to her sister's home and help her new nephew.  When I met Liliana, I met a very young lady who loved her son so much and was not willing to listen to the doctors and watch her son die.  Christian was very tiny.  He was only two pounds.  I knew that he needed antibiotics and breast milk.  I had recently become friends with a retired Neo-Natal specialist from New York who had come down on a medical team.  I called him, explained the situation.  He recommended the antibiotics and worked out the dosages, based on Christian's weight.  Liliana's aunt had recently given birth and she agreed to feed Christian, as well as her own son, for as long as she could.

It took daily visits, many phone calls back and forth with my Neo-Natal friend and amazing care by Liliana, but most importantly, the prayers and faith of many and the will of God for Christian's life, and Christian survived.  As you can see, Christian is doing great.  This photo was taken two weeks ago.  Due to the health crisis at the start of his life, it did affect his development.  Christian is mentally challenged.  Liliana has recently applied to our sponsorship program in order to send Christian to a local Special Needs School called "Genesis".  If you would like to sponsor Christian, or another specials needs student or any of the 70+ students on our sponsorship wait list, contact us.

Preacher Pablo

Paul has been getting opportunities to preach recently, and he is loving it.  He is a natural pastor and preacher.  When we are using the talents that God has given us, it always amazing me how much we love what we do.  Last Saturday, Paul preached to our Dominican congregation.  It was an  honour to be with our Dominican church family and to share with them.  This is a small group of people who have been worshiping together for many years and through many difficult times.  Paul felt God telling him to preach on God's love and it certainly seemed to be the right message at the right time.  Our congregation shared with Paul how meaningful it was to them and the timing was so Godly.

Paul's pastoral heart is always evident whenever he is helping people.  After so many years in the DR, people often come up to us asking for help with personal issues.  We are not counselors but we do want to be available for God to use us.  Paul is really good at pastoring and helping those who come to us.

Paul is always willing to share the messages that God lays on his heart whenever possible.  Even though the nerves never seem to go away, Paul thoroughly enjoys preaching and loves to be used by God in this way.  If you would like Paul to share at your church or Bible study, just ask him.


The next few months will be busy and exciting.
6 - 11 May we host Professor Bill Nyman, Prairie Bible College to teach local church leadership.  If this goes well, then Prairie is considering partnering with us to send more professors and teach certified courses to the local believers through our ministry.   Wendy and Nena have been working, together with us, to promote and prepare for this conference.

Paul will be in the DR until May 20th.

Anny, Anthony & Nashley will fly to Canada with Paul on May 20th!  They received multi entry visas.  Please pray for them.  Thank you to friends who used their air miles to purchase these plane tickets!

We will be in the DR for most of the summer.  We have our annual conference the second week of July followed by four mission teams from Victoria BC, Mount Airy NC and two teams from Charlotte NC.  We will all be busy and it will be so good to be in our other home for the summer.  Noah and Samantha will be celebrating their birthdays in their other home country this summer.

While in Canada, Sharyn continues to spend about 40 hours a week on ministry work, keeping various ministries going, communications, scheduling, sponsorship program, preparing for teams, etc etc.

Paul is finishing up a course at Bible College while preaching here and there.  He also just returned from the DR where he was very busy doing a 1000 different ministry things.  A fair amount of his time spent on preparing for May's conference.

Noah and Samantha are in their last quarter at school.  It has been a hard year for them but they have worked hard and continue to work very hard to do their best and get good grades.

Have you not known?  Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth.  He does not faint or grow weary; his understanding is unsearchable.  Isaiah 40v28


  • Praise God for providing sponsors for 83 students this school year.
  • Praise God  for opportunities for Paul to share God's Word.
  • Praise God for 23% of the ministry property already paid for!
  • Praise God  for God's mighty grace upon each one of us and for each one of you support us and the ministry through your prayers and finances.

  • Pray for Professor Bill Nyman, our May teaching conference and for the local pastors, church leaders and believer to attend.
  • Pray for funds to pay for the remainder owed for the ministry property.
  • Pray for sponsors for our staff's salaries as we have a large need for this.
  • Pray for the Branson's house to sell very, very soon and their personal financial support.

Paul and I praise God for 25 years of marriage that we will celebrate on May 4th.


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