Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Exciting News!  Mission House for the Ministry
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For two years, we have had our personal house in the DR up for sale but nothing has happened.  The past few months, we have been asking God “what are we missing?”.  While praying this prayer, God spoke clearly.... and quickly.  Back in 2006, when God first gave us this property and allowed us to build the house, He also said that the land was to be used for His ministry and His glory.  We have always tried to do this.  One of our visions was to use the property for a mission house so that we could house our own mission teams, but also to rent it to other ministries for their mission teams and/or short term missionaries, as well as renting to local churches for their various retreats that Dominican churches always have.

Just before we arrived back in the DR this summer, the people renting our house gave notice and moved out the day after we arrived.  We asked God “now what?”.  We cannot leave the house empty and unattended plus we have a monthly mortgage payment.  Somewhere in our hearts, we both had the idea of turning the house into a mission house, just like we had always envisioned.  However, to do this, the house had to be painted, a few minor repairs done, outside walls plastered, not to mentioned needing furniture for the entire house and hiring someone to care for and stay in the house when there are no teams!  What a task and cost!  Money has never stopped us from doing what we have thought God wanted us to do so we agreed to take a baby step in the direction of converting the house into a mission house.

A couple of the ministry Board members were in the DR this summer as they brought mission teams from their churches.  Having some Board members right there with us was a blessing as it helped us to pray with them and seek guidance in this major decision.  One team asked if they could help paint the house.  We had one day where we had an overlap of three teams with us at once and they helped us with plastering, cleaning and minor repairs.  What a blessing!  Everyone loved the idea of getting the house ready to convert into a mission house and that on their next trip, they would stay in this mission house.  We even received donations that totaled $1700 to help with furniture.

About five days after making the decision to take a step in the direction of converting the house into a mission house, I was visiting with a friend of mine who I have been blessed with 20 years of friendship.  Glori was telling me how her and her husband had recently been able to buy a house that they love and are renovating the house before moving in.  The house was owned by a well off couple who had since passed and their adult children, who all live elsewhere, sold the house as is.  Glori then asked what was happening with our house - so I told her about converting it into a mission house.  She loved the idea and then said “but you have no furniture”.  Then Glori lit up.  She told me how the house that they bought is fully furnished with really nice, high quality furniture but she wants to sell it all as they have their own furniture.  Glori would sell it all to us as a package deal if we take it all.  We took a look at the furniture and it is high quality, all made by a very famous Dominican furniture maker.  Glori wanted to help the ministry and offered to sell us everything for only $1700.  We agreed and the teams helped us move all the furniture.  We now have everything that we need in the mission house and could house a small team right now!  We need a few more bunk beds of which Paul is planning to build before our next team arrives in October.  There were five beds included in the furniture purchase so Paul only needs to build five or six bunk beds.

Our neighbour, whom we have known for ten years, has agreed to take care of the mission house, and sleep in it when there are no teams.  The price that we agreed to pay our neighbour is very fair so we no longer have the worry of the house sitting empty.

As we personally own the house, we are currently lending the house to House Upon the Rock Ministry to use as a mission house.   What we really believe that God is leading us to is to find someone(s) who would be willing to finance the purchase of the mission house for House Upon the Rock Ministry.  Then the ministry will own the house instead of the Bransons personally owning the house.  From the income generated from renting to teams, other ministries and churches, we do not foresee any problem making monthly payments to whomever God sends to help us our with financing the property.

Your prayers for this final step of financing the property are greatly appreciated!!!  God brought everything together so quickly and so easily to covert the house into a mission house that we know that it is His will and know that He will send a financier to help out with this final step.

Whatever we do, it is because Christ's love controls us.   2 Corinthians 5v14


  • Praise God for God's clear guidance and how quickly God converted the house into a Mission House.
  • Praise God for the six mission teams that we had come serve in various ways this summer.
  • Praise God for sponsors for 96 students for this coming school year.
  • Praise God for allowing us to come along side Him to serve in ministry on various fronts.

  • Pray for a financier(s) for the new Mission House
  • Pray for Dominican school children as they return to school on August 22nd.
  • Pray for our clinic and staff as we continue to see a growth in Haitian patients as they fear going to the public hospitals and that we can continue to help them physically and spiritually with all their needs.  Our Haitian patients are coming as far away as Haiti.
  • Pray for more monthly financial support for the Bransons; still in need of about $1000 more per month.


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